Wholesale Distribution of Engine Fuels

At TEI, we're at the forefront of supplying the energy that keeps industries moving. Our wholesale distribution of engine fuels, including high-quality gasoline and diesel, powers vehicles and machinery across regions. With export licenses VK 0000089 as a testament to our credibility, we ensure the seamless flow of these essential resources. Our commitment to efficiency and reliability makes us a trusted partner in the energy supply chain.

Coal Sales and Distribution

Discover the warmth and power of our coal sales division. We bring the energy of Kazakhstan's finest coal to European destinations, spreading warmth and powering industries. Our meticulous packaging and screening processes guarantee that you receive coal of the highest quality. As we bridge continents with energy, sustainability remains a core value, guiding our responsible coal sourcing and distribution practices.

Industrial and Base Oils Sales

Precision lubrication is the backbone of industrial operations, and at TEI, we offer you a diverse selection of industrial and base oils. Sourced from globally recognized manufacturers—Solvay from Italy, Swepco from America, and Fens from the Netherlands—our oils cater to various industries' unique needs. From high-performance machinery to intricate manufacturing processes, our oils provide the stability and longevity your systems demand.

By excelling in these three key business areas, TEI demonstrates an unwavering commitment to energy, reliability, and innovation. As we navigate a dynamic global landscape, our focus on delivering essential resources remains unshaken. Explore our website for more insights into our offerings and the impact we're making across industries.

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